Saturday, May 29, 2010

the penguin returns...

... new, improved, with fewer rabbit behinds.

Since last posting we've had some big changes in the penguin household. We have joyfully added a small penguin (my daughter, 16 months old) and sadly said goodbye to Honey Bunny who passed away shortly before Christmas from a suspected red back spider bite. Koko Black powers on, and enjoys playing with the neighbour's cat from the safety of her enclosure. The cat has decided that she would prefer to live at our place and seems unimpressed by verbal arguments concerning the allergies of my husband.

The ups and downs of life with a small penguin mean that my blog posts are unlikely to be a daily occurence, but hopefully I'll get them out regularly enough to keep a few people entertained and/or encouraged.

Stay tuned for a series called "when church sucks" - it won't be quite as bleak as the title suggests.

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The Idle Introvert said...

Welcome back! The series sounds interesting.